About us

We are one of the leading organizations for providing engineering and educational related services and supplies in Myanmar.

We are involving in the area of:

  • Constructions;
  • Aviation;
  • Installation of Machines;
  • Maintenance and Overhauling Services for Machines and Equipments;
  • Trading of Machine;
  • Educational Teaching Aids Supplies and Trainings for Supplied Products;
  • Engineering Services.

Our Strengths

Because of being an engineering team, our strengths will be beneficial to the end users for:
– Technically Strong Support:
-Fidelity for Self Operatibility by the end users after sales;
-Promising after sale services;
-Maintenance Contract Supports;
-Laboratory Engineering Supports;
-Excellent Training Supports;
-Reasonable Pricing


We value our esteemed HONESTY and LOYALTY.


To take part in transferring Advanced Technology from abroad countries for promoting living standards of younger generation.


To be a Global Technologically Strong Organization.

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